(r)red (w)white (ro)rosé (o)orange (pn)pet nat (sparkling)

125ml /500ml/ Bottle
By The Glass

(w) Valdibella - Catarratto – Italy (Glass & 500ml only)

£6.5 - £17.5

Catarratto is a grape that represents the vine of the oldest tradition in Scilly, and in the past it was very rare to find it outside this area. Very fruity with notes of wild flowers and citrus

(r) Valdibella - Rosso – Italy (Glass & 500ml only)

£6.5 - £17.5

This Nero d'Avola has luscious black fruit with generous amount of spice on the palate. Well-rounded, soft with medium tannin and a long finish. Perfect for colder evenings

(o) Jaroslav Osicka - Oranz 2019 - Czech Rep

£10 - £50

One of the pioneers of natural winemaking in Czech Republic, Jaroslav Osička works organically and has tried to increase biodiversity in his vineyards for more than 30 years. This wine is 100% Gewurztraminer with12 days of skin maceration then aged for 10 months in acacia barrels.
By The Bottle

(w) Azul y Garanza - Blanco - Spain


Made by Maria, Dani, and Fernando, a dynamic trio who slowly converted an abandoned cooperative building in their village of Carcastillo to a fully operational winery. Easy going but very moreish white, crisp, aromatic and fresh.

(o) Celler Entre – Brisat – Spain


Apple, pear & citrus fruit give this dynamic orange wine shine while earthy, limestone notes add body. Full bodied & funky 100% Xarel-lo from Penedes.

(pn) Celler Entre - Pet Nat – Spain


‘Oniric’ is Catalan for ‘dreamer’ as it was the wine makers dream to turn disregarded vineyards into something magical. 70% Xarel-lo, 30% Muscat grapes produce creamy green apple and citrus notes. Incredibly well balanced with an enjoyable fizz.

(r) Lectores Vini – Pomagrana – Spain (chilled)


Lower abv allows the drinker to enjoy the lighter Catalonian juicy fruit with racy notes while holding onto subtle tannins and a peppery finish

(w) Krasna Hora – Riesling - Czech Rep


Lemony note, almost reminiscent of big, juicy, Sorrento lemons, ripe yellow peaches, all lined up beautifully with great minerality, backbone and structure you can expect from top quality Riesling.

(ro) Jaroslav Osicka – Rysak - Czech Rep


From the Czech OG! Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris come together to create this incredible Glou Glou (Go on Google it). A definite staff favourite and a sure-fire winner for any occasion. Summer berries, pink grapefruit, with a touch of spice

(ro) Slobodne - Rebela Rosa – Slovakia


50% Frankovka Modrá (Blaufränkisch) & 50% Cabernet Sauvignon create a lovely softness with a velvety finish. Subtle sweet and acidic balance will have you reminiscing about your teenage rosé and lemonades!

(pn) Dobrá Vinice - Creme de Parc National Pet Nat - Czech Rep


A Blend of Müller Thurgau, Welschriesling and Riesling. Lovely aromatics, freshness and zingy acidity, but also toasty, brioche-like notes that add complexity to the palate

(o) Folias De Baco – Curtido – Portugal


The extended skin contact gives it an intense yellow colour. Aromas of rose petals, lychees and tangerine. Beautiful peachy hue and tannins on the palate.

(r) Azul y Garanza Naturaleza – Clarete – Spain


Grown on the edge of Europe’s largest desert, this red & white co-ferment is almost lilac in colour and complexion. The wine was made and aged in clay amphoras, creating gorgeous red fruits and a velvety texture. This is a wine not to be mist!

(w) Staffelter Hof - It's Muller Time (Sanderstruck) – Germany


100% Muller Thurgau with very light skin contact - an absolute easy drinking winner with light acidity and lean tropical and floral aromats. Finishing in a picnic hamper of peach, jasmine, green apple and honeysuckle.

(r) Kmetija Stekar - Merlot - Slovenia


Merlots, sometimes, tend to get weighty and lack freshness, but this is so much more than that. A bright red fruit character, with superb vibrancy and freshness on the wine.

(r) Mádl - Rulandské Modré Exclusive – Czech Rep


A dry, elegant red from Pinot Noir. The grapes were crushed and fermented in open vats on skins for 4 weeks. Medium-bodied, with a nose of blueberries and dark
berry fruit. The oak is integrated and adds a lovely hint of vanilla.

(pn) Pivnica Cajkov – Vulcanica – Slovakia


This Pinot Gris tastes of ripe with peach and apricot. There is even a hint of raspberry and salinity with some banging acidity. Tastes best shared with friends and to be drunk any time of day. A wine without poses, which brings out joy and happiness to your day.

(w) Vino Vdovjak – Dark Side Of The Moon – Slovakia


A blend of three white grapes Welschriesling, Hárslevelű and Furmint. Dry white wine with intense botrytis notes on the nose and taste.

(o) U Koňa – Adamt – Slovakia


100% Furmint orange wine. The winemaker used a twist on the kvevri approach of winemaking using 500L old oak barrels instead of amphorae. Giving oxidative notes and embracing tannins and notes of dried apricots on the nose and in the taste.

(pn) Selvadolce Pigato Turbolento - Italy


Pigato has proven to be a clone of Vermentino however has differentiated over
time developing its own characteristics. Pigato comes from 'pighe' which means freckles in Ligurian dialect. Saline minerality, savoury notes, lemons, floral.


The PLAY series from Utopia is a special project where wine and cider come together in these playful co-ferments. Grapes are from some top Moravian, natural winemakers. A cheeky take on some commercial hits of the 90’s. The idea is to enjoy with its accompanying tune on Spotify. Links below…

Utopia - Play (ú lalala) - Czech Rep

£7.5 - £35

Slightly sparkling apple-grape co-ferment - cider meets Dlúhé Grefty’s Rufus skins. Cider macerated for a week on skins of Dluhe Grefty's Rufus wine, then fresh 2020 apple juice added for secondary fermentation before bottling. enjoy with ú lalala

Utopia - Play (bí bapa bado bo) - Czech Rep


Cider macerated for a week on skins of Blaufränkisch then fresh 2020 apple juice added for secondary fermentation before bottling. Unfined, unfiltered, with no added SO2. enjoy with bí bapa bado bo.

Utopia - Play (na ná nánana) - Czech Rep


Supremely entertaining, slightly sparkling apple-grape co-ferment - cider meets Milan’s Welschriesling and Riesling skins - enjoy with


On Draught (served as a schooner)

Estrella Damm - 4.6% - £4
Inedit Witbier - 4.8% - £4

Duration Brewing - Turtles all the way down - 5.5%


Duration use wild style techniques, using the natural surroundings to create beer that respects nature. Turtles all the way down has Pronounced hops and a rounded body with soft bitterness. Thick mouthfeel, tropical, juicy. Pineapple & mango flavours.

Koji Rice Beer

£2.5 (50ml)

A sake style beer made by our team.


Empirical Spirits is a flavour company from the former development chef of NOMA is Copenhagen. They create one of a kind distilled drinks with a level of detail unlike any other. 

Empirical Ayyuk w/ Hop Kefir


Built around the flavours of Pasilla Mixe, a smoke-dried chili pepper. Empirical Spirits partnered with the people making the chilies in Mexico's Sierra Mixe mountains to support the tradition of creating Pasilla Mixe. To make the spirit, the chilies are macerated in low wines, then distilled and blended with spent Pasilla Mixe kombucha. Rested for 5 days in oloroso casks.

Fernet Branca w/ Recycled Coffee Kombucha


Think stout and chocolate cake with a bitter finish

Rob Roy


Mc'Nean Single Malt, n a t i v e Vermouth, Amaro, Coffee Oil

Tequila Old Fashioned


Agave Thieves Anejo, n a t i v e Orange Vermouth, Smoked Jasime

After Dinner


Fernet Branca


An Italian digestivo, Fernet-Branca is was created in 1845. It's made from 27 different herbs and aged in oak for a year.

Amaro Nonino


Bittersweet digestif made with herbs and grape eaux-die-vie.

I Think Manzanilla En Rama (50ml)


This En Rama has a weight and structure with a lemon rind and salted almonds

Jean-Luc Pasquet L’Organic 07 Grande Champagne Cognac


Made using natural wine a cognac offers notes of apricots, dried figs, cedar-wood, vanilla and dark chocolate.

Nc'Nean Organic Single Malt


The palate offers notes of lemon curd, poached peaches, juicy apricots and spicy white pepper.

Utopia - Ice Cider Patience - Czech Rep – 75ml glass


Slightly sparkling apple-grape co-ferment - cider meets Dlúhé Grefty’s Rufus skins. Cider macerated for a week on skins of Dluhe Grefty's Rufus wine, then fresh 2020 apple juice added for secondary fermentation before bottling. enjoy with ú lalala


Pine & Chestnut Kefir


Kefir is a naturally fermented drink from the grains of cactus. Hand-picked pine from around the corner to flavour sweet and tart effervescent drink, which is rich in beneficial bacteria.

Hop Kefir


Kefir is a naturally fermented drink from the grains of cactus. Hops & camomile combine to create our take on a non-alcoholic beer, which is rich in beneficial bacteria.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Kefir


We made a fruit compote using berries from our grower Alice added some peanut butter and let the grains do the rest. Classic flavour profile with add good bacteria

Recycled Coffee Puck Kombucha


By reusing our coffee pucks we make a kombucha with a lovely acidity

Seaweed & Cherry Sencha Kombucha


Seaweed tea fermented with a SCOBY for up to 10 days before bottling and allowing to carbonate. Sweet, sour and actually very good for you! Producing a flavour of apricot, malt & hints of rose




Long Black


Espresso with milk




English Breakfast
Smoked Black Tea
Hojicha Green Tea
Cornish Manuka


Salted Broad Beans


Spicy Kikones


Smoked Almonds


Herb Marinated Artichokes


Semi-Dried Tomatoes


Seaweed Seed & Nuts


(Any three of the above - £5.00)

Sourdough Pretzels


Black Olive Tapenade or Mushroom & Aubergine Dip


With Basil Breadsticks